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Handcrafted since 1998

Drawing from my years of experience both working on and playing vintage instruments I set out to design models which capture the look and feel of guitars from a by gone era.


Over the past couple of decades, I have learned it is best for me to keep things simple. I prefer to build with my own two hands using tools and machinery that would have seen use during the golden age of electric guitar construction in cities like Fullerton or Kalamazoo. I prefer to use sustainable woods and sometimes old growth stock when I can find it. I love the look and feel of lacquer finishes so that is my standard. Mixing most of my colors by eye I can get pretty close to those favored colors of the 50's and 60's.

Flakes and bursts are also an option. All my guitars feature some level of distressing of the finish and hardware.

All of my handmade pickups are scatter wound and flash potted. Wax potting is standard, lacquer is available as an option.

  In addition to my own line, I also offer pickups by Gemini , Fralin, and few other select makers...


Each guitar I build is unique and no two are exactly alike, and it all starts with a conversation with the customer.

So, feel free to get in touch to discuss a new build!


Lead times vary depending on model.  If you're more of a buy it now type, check out what's available in stock.


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